An Introduction: Alexandra

Posted: Apr 29 2014

My name is Alexandra Ling, but most people call me “xandra” (a nickname adopted from my sister). I’m one of the co-founders of {the} twirLINGs and I’m extremely excited for you to be seeing our merch and checking out our website. I’ll be giving you a little intro to myself so you know I’m not some creep on the internet trying to sell my soul. Please bear with me for a moment. I was raised in a ‘ballet’ family. My mom loved watching ballet; my dad was an alumni from American Ballet Theatre and a former (at the time) ballet teacher. When I was around four-years-old, I took some dance lessons here and there but after a few months I grew bored and decided to stop. At the same time, my older sister asked my dad to start teaching again because she wanted to dance. After some convincing, he agreed and I started taking classes again. For my entire childhood, ballet was nothing more than a hobby. I took classes once or twice a week and played with my friends afterwards. It was a pleasant life. By the time I was twelve, thirteen, or fourteen-years-old, my parents decided I either had to go full-time or stop. The decision was quite obvious to me. (School was always beyond boring.) Even though it was only a few years ago, I was completely oblivious.

 Since then, I’ve attended ABT’s New York Summer Program, performed our studio’s full-length Swan Lake performance as Odette/Odile, participated in World Ballet Competition in Orlando, FL, and competed in Youth America Grand Prix’s New York Finals. Additionally, I’ll be competing in USA Jackson International Ballet Competition this summer! I’ve been given so many opportunities and, I’m going to say it, “words cannot express how grateful I am.” I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true. It’s not even like I’ve won an Oscar or received a contract from The Royal Ballet, but these past two years have been a tidal wave of opportunities and it has left me in a state where I can’t even finish my sentences. And now, things have come in a full circle and landed back where it all started: my sister! I can’t wait to think of new ideas for {the} twirLINGs and I hope you find whatever my brain has managed to conjure up aesthetically pleasing. ^-^



  • Posted by Ellen Koga on June 07, 2014

    Love the MERCH! ( that’s what it’s called at abt! Loved seeing that. The “merch” is very creative and amusing. If made large enough, I’d love to buy one. You and your sister Evelyn are beautiful and so very, constantly creative. I adore you both and wish you the best at Jackson!!!!

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