Sassy Saturday: Dancers Who Stand In the Front and Don't Know the Combination

Posted: Jun 07 2014

Every Saturday we'll post a blog along the lines of .. #dancersunfiltered--things that dancers see and feel in class that we want to rant about, but can't. It should be fun and taken lightheartedly and is not meant to be offensive.

Picture: Vaganova Academy Students! 

This week's post is regarding dancers to stand in the front of class and don't know the combination.

We've all experienced it and seen it. One of your classmates walks up to the center, first row, first group. He or she starts off the combination, smiling confidently, waiting for a compliment. And yet, after the preparation, all is lost. What adagio? What pirouette combination? Even after all of that, a smile is still beaming from her face. He or she has obviously done nothing wrong. Everyone else has. 

Now, what bothers me, personally, about these people is that:

  1. Someone who actually DOES know the combination could have gotten corrections from the teacher. Now, that person is just being a waste of space. Go to the back and learn it. 
  2. What person in the right mind stands straight center, first group if they have no idea what is going on?
  3. They make the group look bad. Like come on, we're supposed to be corps de ballet here, not soloists. Get out. 
  4. They're too prideful to ask the teacher to repeat the combination. It's not a forbidden sin, neither will it make you look dumb if you ask. Just do it. For all of us, please. 

It's one of those things that I'll never understand. Personally, I would never do it. If I had the choice, I'd be first group, second line EVEN IF I know the combination. Be a little humble please? 


*Disclaimer: Vaganova students are amazing! In no way does this post imply that they are these types of people. 

What are some things that bother you about dance classes? Comment below and let us know!


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