Tea Time: Evelyn's Pre-Performance Playlist

Posted: Jun 10 2014

Before a performance, it is super important that you stay focused. While everyone does it differently, I love putting my headphones on and turning the music way up. To feel as far away from the venue from possible is the idea. I try to shut everything out and think of all the corrections I've gotten in the past few months and feel what my character is supposed to feel. Alexandra has a different playlist from me, obviously, so she should be posting hers in the next few weeks. I like to listen to songs that pump you up. None of that acapella--not for this playlist at least. Songs with minimal words are ideal, so I can think of corrections in my head without being distracted from the lyrics. Ready to give it a try? Here's a few from my playlist in no particular order:

 Evelyn's Pre-Performance Playlist (a few favorites)

  • Find You by Zedd, Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
  • Alive by Krewella
  • Antiheros by Michael Mind Project 
  • Miracles by Mike Candys and Maury
  • Enjoy the Ride by Krewella
  • Illusion by Smith & Thell
  • Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert
  • Electric Glow by Tritonal and Skyler Stonestreet 
  • Stay The Night by Zedd and Hayley Williams 
  • Lights Out (Go Crazy) by Junior Caldera, Natalia Kills and Far East Movement

What are some songs on your pre-performance playlist? Comment below!


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