Sassy Saturday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Dance Moms

Posted: Jun 14 2014

This week's Sassy Saturday post probably hits it close to home. Every time they're brought up, students cringe a little. They've even made a reality TV show out of it. YUP, it's Dance Moms. And yes, I did feel like a picture of Abby was necessary. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Now, not all dance moms are as catty as the ones in the show. I must say that a large portion of the ones we have met are awesome and amazing. They could basically be called our second moms. Eyelashes falling off before a show? BAM, they're for you. It's great. Honestly, I don't think these moms get enough appreciation. CLAPS FOR YOU ALL! STAY AWESOME. So I guess, here's the breakdown, in my mind anyway.


  • These moms are just phenomenal. Like, how do even exist? They're always volunteering their time to help out the kids, without you even asking.
  • They are always at the studio. Do you like.. live here?
  • They basically have like 20 kids in their family. They bring food and gifts for everyone in their daughter or son's class.
  • This might be a little particular to me but, they remind US when to register for competitions. WE LOVE YOU. :)
  • P.S. Don't ever leave please. :(


  • Everyone has different ways of categorizing them, but these moms aren't necessarily "bad." They just don't do much for the studio or their kids.
  • Basically, most of the time, they aren't there aka ghosts.
  • During Nutcracker season, they're the parents who are trying to sneak past backstage so they can watch the show, instead of help out backstage. WE SEE YOU.
  • They're the ones that show up maybe once or twice every year to maybe say hi. You still go here? 
  • Or they're the moms that complain about everything cause they don't know what is actually going on. Maybe if you came...


  • These moms are the super snooty-type like my-daughter-is-way-better-than-yours type. Like seriously, get out. -___- We don't need your attitude and neither do the kids.
  • They are always super competitive and want their daughter to beat everyone at EVERYTHING. Talk about stress for your daughter. CHILL LADY CHILL.
  • These are the moms that have chronic angry face. You just never approach them. #deathglare
  • Some of these moms may even try to sabotage other students' performances. STOP IT LADY.
  • We all hope you don't encounter or become one of these. 

What kind of dance moms have you encountered in the past? Comment below!


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