Tea Time: Odile-ing with It

Posted: Jun 18 2014

You may all look at us in shame. Yup, we missed the Tea Time yesterday. I know there are no excuses that could forgive us, but I had my Round I performance at USA International Ballet Competition so we were extremely busy.

This weeks topic will be about all the disasters that occur on stage. You know: when your music doesn’t play, there’s a slippery spot and you fall, or when you momentarily forget the steps right before you go on. All the stuff no one wants to talk about or remember. I'm sure we've all experienced this in some way (no matter how many times you deny the fact, it has happened.) If you're one of the lucky few, congrats! But it's bound to happen one day.

Dancer: Marianela Nunez of the Royal Ballet; Gif: pactressia.tumblr.com


Of course anything is possible, but here are some scenarios and how to ODILE WITH IT. We'll start with the ones that aren't so bad.

If... your music doesn't start on time: It's totally fine. Slow down (if possible, start again?) and hopefully the music guy understands his mistake. It'll start playing soon. The audience knows it's not your fault.

If... it plays the wrong music: Stand there and do not move. Eventually, they'll stop and you'll get the right music.

If... you slip: Ignore it. It didn't happen. If you act like it didn't happen, hopefully the audience members will think they imagined it. (It's very possible.)

If... you fall: Get back up because that didn't happen either.

If... your shoe flies off: Improvise or keep dancing as if it's still there.

If... your tendon snaps or you break something: Try to crawl off stage with some dignity; no matter how hard.

There are so many more possible disasters that could happen, but in a nutshell: Keep Calm and Odile With It. Never forget, the audience wants you to do your best. Speak with them, even with things don't go as you'd hoped. It's like having a conversation and stuttering while saying a word; It's fine and we move on. 

What kind of disasters have you encountered on stage? Comment below!


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