Tea Time: Nana Ice Cream

Posted: Jun 24 2014

Now, this is yet again something Alexandra and I discovered recently. Not sure if it's because of Instagram's new-and-improved explore feature, but the two of us somehow stumbled upon this treasure: Nana Ice Cream. Don't be fooled by it's name, but this ice cream is actually good for you. Say what? YUP. So what's in it? Nana ice cream is actually shortened from baNANA ice cream! Some people go all out with this stuff. The great thing about this ice cream is you can eat it anytime. In fact, some people even eat it for breakfast each morning. 


Don't they look amazing? Seriously, they all look like a work of art. Thanks to @omgtailz, @flourishinghealth, and @thecrookedrootcafe for these wonderful pictures.

There are way too many recipes out there just because these taste great any way you make them. Literally all you need are some frozen bananas, your favorite fruits, and a blender! Top with fresh berries, acai, chia seeds, basically anything! Of course, in addition to fruit, you can make chocolate peanut butter nana ice cream also. Just add cacao powder and some peanut butter. The best place to find inspiration? Instagram. There are so many vegan foodies who make nana ice cream almost everyday. Just look up #nanaicecream. :) 


What types of things would you put into your nana ice cream? Comment below!


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