Sassy Saturday: Trashy Schools (Whoop there it is.)

Posted: Jul 05 2014

So here's the thing. Everyone knows the school that no one ever goes to. Why would you ever? But have you ever wondered, what if it's yours? That would suck. I'm sure everyone has thought about it before, so if you are where you are and you haven't thought about it.. might want to think about it some more. For the most part, people are usually happy and fit in to whichever school they've selected so, no worries. But this post isn't about you. It's about those schools. So let's get started!

I, for one, have been to a bunch of different schools. It could be for summer programs, or finding a studio when I'm traveling. It depends. After you've been to a lot, you really notice the ones that bother you a lot. So here's my rant to those. There are few things that confuse me and make me wonder why students continue to study at these type of schools.

THE LIST, dun un!

  • When studio owners don't let students go to other summer programs to study. The whole point of summer programs is to open students' eyes to what ballet is, who is doing it, and where they should improve. For some reason, so teachers think the students will leave or something. I mean, if you suck at teaching, maybe they should leave.. BUT ANYWAY
  • When teachers don't let students go watch other studio's performances. Personally, I feel like because I watched so many different types of performances, I've learned where to improve myself. If I see someone doing something wrong, I'm like OH, I SHOULDN'T DO THAT NEXT TIME. 
  • When studios think that they're the best school that has ever existed. Okay, sometimes that gets a tad annoying. Obviously, no one is perfect. There are always those flaws and you should embrace them. It's what makes you real person. 
  • When the studio owner/teachers are clearly lying to the kids. For example, we're learning ballet today! But they're obviously not. Wearing pointe shoes DOES NOT mean you're doing ballet. -____-
  • When students get injured at a studio and the teacher says it's the student's fault, not the teacher. WELL, if you taught him or her correctly, what were the chances of that happening? 

There are a tons more reasons but that's the summary. What are some things you hate about trashy schools? Comment below!


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