Tea Time: Naps

Posted: Aug 12 2014

We’re finally back from a hiatus! Sorry about that, things were getting a little out of control. But don’t worry, your weekly #teatime posts will now resume as normal. This week’s topic is naps. Yes, those awesome-i-really-need-to-sleep naps.  Napping has become one of my favorite past time, because it does so much for me. After naps, I’m usually ready to go. That is, if I don’t sleep too much.

Now there are five different types of naps you can take. Pick the one that suits you best!

1.       The Nano-Nap (10-20 seconds): to get rid of the person sitting next to you (hah!)

2.       The Micro-Nap (2-5 minutes): to get rid of your sleepiness

3.       The Mini-Nap (5-20 minutes): to make you more alert 

4.       The Original Power Nap (20 minutes): to help clear your mind + micro/mini

5.       The Lazy Man’s Nap (50-90 minutes): to help repair your muscles 


A one hour nap can improve your alertness for over 10 hours! Clock out and hit the snooze. Squeeze in a few minutes between rehearsals to clear your head, refresh yourself and continue.

ABT Principal dancer, Hee Seo knows how it's done. Photo credit: Daniil Simkin




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