Sassy Saturday: When Flexibility is TOO Much

Posted: Aug 16 2014

So, we got this as a request from one of the commenters! Thank you so much for requesting :) This is a topic that was on our list, and now it's being bumped up this week. ENJOY. 

Here's the thing, flexibility isn't bad. It's great actually. It makes everything looks super and easy and nice. But sometimes, girls just gotta STOP. Unless you're like Sveta, in which case, more power to you. 

One thing that is super annoying about people who look up to Sveta though, is the fact that they think flexibility becomes everything. Like, GOODBYE SQUARED HIPS AS LONG AS MY LEG IS UP THERE. That is not okay. 

  1. Ballet is an art. It's not a sport, where you just see how high your leg goes. STOP.
  2. If your hips aren't squared, you will be more prone to injuries in the future. Sveta has had hip surgery, so beware.

The other bad thing is that because competitions are becoming more and more popular nowadays, flexibility is becoming key to winning. Another reason why amateur judges shouldn't judge. But more on that later. It always seems to be that the girl who kicked their leg highest wins the highest award. Coincidence? Some girls are just born with natural flexibility. That is something that you can't train. Granted, there are lots of girls who do need to work day and night to stretch, but that's a different story. Isn't it more fair to judge based on placement and clean positions? 


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