Sassy Saturday: WHY YOU GOTTA BE LATE?

Posted: Aug 23 2014

This week's #sassysaturday post is dedicated to those girls who just can't seem to show up to class, or rather, ANYTHING on time. Class has started and one girl is missing. She always does this--does she even care? Your teacher thinks she's probably sick today, but BOOM, after you're already onto rond de jambe's, she shows up. She comes struttin' in like everyone should have waited for HER.


Let's take a moment to appreciate Sylvie Guillem's legs. That strut though. <3


The sad part is, it continues week after week. She complains about not knowing parts of rehearsal or the piece or why she can't do certain steps properly. Like seriously, excuse me? Do you expect to be able to do things by missing the most important parts of barre, aka pliés? Gotta love them pliés. 


Here's a small list of why you should NEVER be late to class/rehearsal:

  • Starting class in the middle of barre is dangerous. Your body slowly warms up from the beginning of barre exercises, until you are ready to grand battements. If you come in, your muscles are not warmed up yet, which could increase your chances of injury and pulled muscles. It's not about "catching up" to what the rest of the class is doing. Take care of your body, and warm up on your own for a couple of minutes. 
  • Coming late to class is just plain DISRESPECT. It is rude to your teacher. It is rude to your fellow classmates. It shows that you don't care about anyone else's time but yours. 
  • If you will be coming in late, please please please stay on the side until a combination is over before taking your spot. The worst thing you can do is try to squeeze in between two people when they are clearly trying to focus on doing their fondu's correctly. LIKE WHY.
  • If and when you join a company, do you think the Artistic Director is going to be happy with you? Say goodbye to anything roles you ever dreamed of. 


Don't be late. 

What are some other things that bother you about dancers who are just plain disrespectful? Comment below!


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