Sassy Saturday: NOPE, we don't need you at rehearsal

Posted: Aug 30 2014

It's Labor Day weekend, which only means one thing. School is going to back and what else? Nutcracker. Now, we've probably all done Nutcracker at least 10 times, but that doesn't give you an excuse to not show up to rehearsal. See where I'm getting at? Yup, this week's #sassysaturday post is dedicated to those girls who just don't seem to understand the concept of rehearsal. 

Honestly, unless you're flawless like Diana Vishneva over here, get your butt to rehearsal. Again, this is one of those things I'll never understand. Unless you're dancing in a solo--and ONLY a solo--why would you miss rehearsal unless you're severely injured or at your deathbed? At least go watch. That's like saying, I'm not going to basketball practice and it's just going to be four of you on the court. Like what? Being part of the corps de ballet is a team effort. So yes, everyone does need to be there. Your hangout sesh with your best buds at school can wait.. until AFTER Nutcracker is over. 

Here's my list that you all so adore:

  • Missing rehearsal means everyone else will have to put in extra work to re-teach YOU the next week when they don't need to. No one wants to do that.
  • It also means that the spacing will be off the week you're gone, meaning you just wasted one good rehearsal and even MORE work will have to be put in next week. 
  • Like do you even care about our performance? If not, just stop coming. You're not going to be in the show. I'm that serious.
  • After missing rehearsal, you're going to complain about not knowing the choreography. And, at the same time, be a pain in the the butt to everyone else. 
  • You might think you're smart enough or good enough to miss rehearsal. But you aren't. Get over it. 

Anyway, what are some pet peeves that you have that you would love for me to blog about? Comment below!


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