Sassy Saturday: STOP looking at yourself.

Posted: Sep 06 2014

Happy #SassySaturday everyone! We know how much you love to read these every week ;) Feel free to send us a few ideas of what to write about/what you would like to read about down below in the comments. We will try our best to accommodate! This week is inspired by TheBallerinaLife with a little twist. 

So one thing that bothers us is when there is one girl in class (maybe more) who just can't STOP looking at themselves. Can you not? Everyone is standing in a line for rehearsal, supposed to be facing the wings, and there's that one girl who is looking at herself in the mirror. Unless you have a bloody nose or have sliced an arm/leg off, CAN YOU NOT? 

Listen to Alina, and get out. 

Here we go. Reasons why girls shouldn't constantly look at themselves in the mirror:

  • Some combinations have specific head positions assigned to them for a reason. The same head positions are used in barre as in center. Aka, if you get it wrong at barre, you'll get it wrong in center ... It's a never ending cycle.
  • As part of the corps de ballet, everyone is expected to look exactly the same. How would the audience feel if one Shade from Bayadere was just looking around the stage when everyone else is looking in a different direction?
  • Your body isn't going anywhere and neither is your face. Look at yourself at home. 
  • Having the wrong head position can sometimes mess up how you do a step. For example, if you had to do penchés in the center, and your head was sideways, could you balance?? 

The questions that we should really be asking is:

  1. Is this person actually conceited?
  2. Is this person too dumb to remember the combination, and hence MUST look in the mirror to follow others?
  3. Does this person really care about their body placement THAT MUCH?

If you do this, well, your fellow corps are currently judging you. So STOP it. 



  • Posted by Kim on March 28, 2015

    WOW! This card is absolutely GORGEOUS! Love your cloirong, and your layout is super awesome with all the different elements!Thank you for joining us in the Sassy in the City Relay! Looking forward to see what you created with the next Sassy City Lady!Ruza – SSD DT

  • Posted by BallerinaLauraa on September 07, 2014

    OMG I know a girl that does this all the time!! Preach it girl! Next week you should talk about quick changes! A girl at my studio had a quick change in which she had 34 seconds max to change into her next costume, and she REFUSED to let anyone help her.. what do you know, she was late for the dance! Please consider quick changes as your next #sassysaturday post. Love love love these blogs! xoxo

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