Sassy Saturday: Them Skinny Girls

Posted: Sep 13 2014

Being skinny isn't a bad thing. Especially in ballet, where everything is dependent on the image and how the audience sees everything, being skinny is a great thing. That is, until the skinniest girl in the room decides that she is the best dancer because of it. That's when we step in and say NO. 

Being skinny ≠ the best dancer in the world

There are way to many girls who think that ballet is superficial like that. How you look is an additional perk to your technique and artistry. It doesn't stand alone. This has become especially more prominent with dancers like Misty Copeland. She is strong and people love that about her. She didn't need to be skin and bones to get where she is. So all those girls out there who are trying to starve yourselves so you can see the bones on your sternum, STOP. You need to be healthy. Ballet classes and rehearsals burn so many calories that if you don't eat, you will pass out. End of PSA.

look at those sculpted legs. 

Now onto the part that bothers us, or shall I say, particularly me. It is especially annoying when the skinniest girl in the studio thinks she deserves to stand in the front, get more corrections than everyone else simply because of her weight. That is not okay. Who do you think you are? I've encountered this multiple times when going to auditions and I feel like a total sucker because I'm bigger than everyone else. Then you see them in class and it's like, what? You're not even good ...? Those girls honestly need to suck up their egos because if and whenever you do get fatter, who won't make friends. That's great and awesome that you're a twig, but no need to rub in our faces.



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