Sassy Saturday: Today is my bad day.

Posted: Sep 20 2014

YAY it's #sassysaturday again. Seriously, my favorite day of the week, where I get to rant and people read all about it. WOOHOO. Anyone else this excited? Today's blog post is: Today is my bad day. Now what could that mean? You know those girls who are like, I can usually do triple pirouettes, but today is my bad day. You mean, aka every day?? Stop trying to act all cool and work on your technique. 

Unless you are literally Daniil Simkin, in which case, I'll believe anything you say. On a side note: HOW COOL IS THIS?? + we love you.


Okay so here it goes. I have a few questions on why girls act this way.. is it because of their pride? the ego? or just plain confidence? NO one and I repeat, NO one is born with 180 degree penchés and 5 pirouettes. Those come from training time and time again. There is no dancer that is absolutely perfect. There are many who come close, but none of them are good at everything. Plus, even if they were, there are those select few critics who would think otherwise. 


Rant of the day

  • Girl, stop acting like you're cool. You're not. Suck in your pride and learn how do the steps correctly.
  • You are NOT the center of attention the in the classroom. Don't try to pretend like every single person is watching you.
  • Class is meant for training, not for your bragging. 
  • Why are you talking in class anyway? Just do the combination.
  • Instead of saying today is your "bad day," start actually coming to class. MAYBE that's the reason why you suck. 
  • If you do come to class, MAYBE try to pay attention in class. 
  • OR take corrections. There must be a reason why everyone else is getting better but you aren't ..

What are some things that bother you in class? Comment below!




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