Tea Time: What does "ethically sourced" mean?

Posted: Oct 21 2014

Hello everyone! We are back from a hiatus now that the twirling contest is done.

{ ICYMI: We hosted a "twirling" contest on our Instagram page, where dancers could tag us to enter and our fans would vote! After two weeks of voting, we were happy to announce that Nicole Prefontaine was our twirling champ and the winner of a Fouette pullover! Congrats again!! Two audience favorites, Natalie Barbis and Lou Spichtig were awarded $30 to shop at our store. Finalists Samantha Schaubach and Mara Leyendecker were awarded $15 each. }

We've gotten a few questions about what it means to be "ethically sourced," why are our products so expensive, etc., so we decided it would be good to explain everything in a blog post. From these questions, we've also realized that we should advertise more about this! Thanks for the feedback. We are always looking to make improvements. 

Question number one.

What does it mean to be "ethically sourced?"

Ethically sourced means that the products that we have are obtained by ethical means. Specifically to us, this means that everyone who has worked on our products were paid fair wages (at least minimum wage) and work in sweatshop-free environments (they actually get breaks, work in safe environments and don't work for 20 hours straight--because that happens.) Everything is handmade, so it is even more important that factory workers are fairly compensated for their work. In addition, all our printing is done by hand as well. 

Question number two.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the sunny city of Los Angeles. Both our apparel and printing happens in this beautiful city. (:

Question number three.

Why are your products more expensive than other brands?

You mean than discount dance? Why yes, of course we are more expensive. And we are proud of it. We are shoppers as well, and love finding awesome CHEAP products. But those products come at a cost (pun intended). While other brands pride themselves in providing cheap tops for only $20 or less, we certainly don't. Cheap products also mean cheap ways of getting those products, aka cheap labor. When manufacturing is outsourced to overseas, the cost of making a shirt could be 50 cents! To us, that just isn't fair. It isn't fair to the worker, to his or her family, to the country. Why should they be paid less and treated less equal just because they live in a different country? Again, being fair is something very, very important to us. If you want to find cheap dance-wear, look elsewhere. #sorrynotsorry

There are more than 44 million Americans who make less than $1,000 a month. Why is it important for us to manufacture our products in the US? That's why. Help support the labor force in the US and give theses families a chance to live the way you live for once.



{the} twirLINGs, PROUD to be an ethically sourced company. 



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