Sassy Saturday: That Girl Who Wants Everything

Posted: Nov 08 2014

Apparently we haven't had a #sassysaturday post in over a month.. Sorry about that. Hope you missed us because we’re back and ready to rant. This week’s topic: that girl who wants everything, but doesn't put in the effort for anything. (You know who we're talking about.) She complains about not getting any solos, but never comes to rehearsals or class?? And when she is in class she’s only half trying??? Just stop.


these primas are so done with you. sO DONE.

I don't understand why (or how?) you think it’s possible to go on stage with no rehearsals. Sad (not really) to say this but, you’re not a pro. Even pros need rehearsals. Where are you getting this “I-can-miss-class-and-rehearsals” idea from? And if you were actually here, maybe you would realize?? Did you know, people actually earn for their roles. *gasp*

Here's a note from me to you:

  • Stop acting like you deserve the world. You’re not a prima.
  • If you wanted the roles that badly, come to class/rehearsals? Ever thought of that??
  • People need to work for their roles – including you.
  • MAYBE you would get more attention if made an effort. (And don’t tell me, “But I am trying!!!!”)
  • If you “don’t have the time,” then maybe you shouldn’t be involved in the show? 

Bottom line is this: Don’t go halfway; either participate completely or quit. Simple as that.

What types of people bother you in class? Let us know in the comments below.


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