From the Founders: Spring '15 Collection Announced!

Posted: Feb 05 2015

As you may or may not already know, Alexandra and I live on separate coasts. I'm on the east in the beautiful and cold New York City, while Alexandra is the west in the beautiful and sunny Los Angeles. It's a great challenge being almost 3,000 miles away from each other. But I think it has made us closer than ever before. :) 

I'm here today to ONE, announce our awesome new Spring '15 collection, which in my opinion is SUPER adorable. I'm very excited to see how these turn out. Sneak peaks soon ;) SECOND, I'm also announcing that YES, our blog is officially back from it's hiatus. Honestly, it has been way too long. Both Alexandra and I have been super busy over the holidays, etc. but now we're making a comeback. Get ready for more SASSY SATURDAY posts! We know it's your fav. It's ours too. In addition, I'll also be blogging here regularly about random and possibly creative things. I think it's fun for you all to see what goes into making our punny apparel and the adventures we have doing so. PLEASE comment below if you want to hear more or want me to stop, HAHA. Like I would. But honestly, if it's that bad, I'll stop. :'( 

Okay so FIRST, our SPRING '15 COLLECTION! We've decided to launch two new shirts for everyone. One is a wide-neck pullover in white (gasp, we know.) and the other is a long sleeve slouchy tee, also wide-neck, but in navy. Yes, adding some color into our collection. #butactually 

The two are based off of the story ballets, Coppelia and Le Corsaire! These two puns were actually thought of last year along with our Odile and Fouette pullovers. The designs at the time were meh, so we decided to wait it out a bit for inspiration. We're so glad we have! And SO, we are happy to say that the Spring '15 collection will officially launch the first day of spring, March 20th! As you may or may not have seen on our Instagram, we are also restocking everything as well, so WE'LL HAVE EVERYTHING. 

What do you think our puns will be? Take a guess and comment below!


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