Sassy Saturday: RELATIONSHIPS, or lack thereof

Posted: Feb 14 2015

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ❤ Hope yours is going splendid. If not, we have a Sassy Saturday post to add some cheer to your day. The topic of the day is relationships, or lack thereof. Know what I means?

Honestly, we spend WAY too much time in classes and rehearsals to have time for that special someone. Like actually, don't make me pick between dance or our relationship. This isn't gonna work out. I love you BUT I love dance more. kthanksbye. Especially as a ballet dancer, we all know how tragic love stories end up being - aka Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, La Bayadere.. Being together in the afterlife doesn't count. 

Aside from not having enough time to spend with someone else, in the time WE DO have, we probably spend a lot of that "shipping" other dancers and people for that matter. Guilty. I mean, just look at us and our Spring Collection (sneak peek on Instagram). WHO DOESN'T LOVE MEDORA + CONRAD? 

But yes, if you're sad on this couple day, just know that there are millions of dancers out there just like you, who've decided to pick dancing over someone else. Hey, you're single but at least your pirouettes aren't?


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