Sassy Saturday: Barre Spots!

Posted: Feb 21 2015

GOOD MORNING lovelies! Yes, I am a bit too cheery for this Saturday morning. But I can't help it--it's the weekend plus, it is freezing here out on the east coast. Let's be honest, I'm probably dying a little. Now onto more important stuff like today's SASSY SATURDAY post! This week, we're here to talk about spot stealing, specifically at the barre. We all know barre spots are pretty much territorial. The oldies get the best spots aka closest to the teacher and the mirror, while the newbies are stuck probably in a corner somewhere, where there may or may not be a mirror and if there is, there's probably a line running down the center. Well that's great. 

So I guess there are two parts to this--one defending the oldies and one for the newbies, just be fair. :) 

Vaganova Academy kids *___*

disclaimer: "oldies" does not mean you're an old fart, although you may be.

  • honestly, you've been there longer and you deserve it. your reward for 10 years of blood, sweat and tears? this is it. the ultimate barre spot. 
  • you probably will be getting a solo/principal role this year, so you need the attention. can't risk making the school, the teacher, or you look bad. 
  • you show up early enough to snag this spot each time. now people just assume it's yours. 
  • maybe i just have a resting mean face... i'm actually a nice person. i'd give you my spot if you asked. HAH.
  • i spent years in the corner and have finally gotten to this point. just give me this spot for a few more years pls. 
  • i'm obviously a better dancer than all the newbies. they don't even know how to correct themselves in the mirror. why waste space?
  • the teacher and i share inside jokes that newbies can't possibly understand. they would feel so lost standing so close..

first, the term "newbies" is used loosely. it could mean, new person to a class, new person to a level, to ballet in general, etc etc. 

  • i'm never going to get any better if i keep standing in the corner. does the teacher even know i exist?? I NEED CORRECTIONS NOW. 
  • these old farts need to step aside for the fresh and young to take over, like srsly. 
  • i'm honestly not threatening your ranking in the class. i'm here to learn. :) 
  • if i stole your spot, i didn't know it was your spot. #srynotsry
  • people who believe in barre spots are honestly just obnoxious and pretentious. standing closer to the mirror or the center doesn't mean anything. -_-
  • shove me in the corner for barre and i'll show you what i can do in center... 

but honestly, when it comes down to it, it's just a barre. if you down right suck, i'm sure your teacher will come correct you. at the same time, if you're just spectacular, good for you, and you will get complimented. 


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