Sassy Saturday: Casting Decisions

Posted: Sep 26 2015

It's the weekend!! Which also means it's time for another SASSY SATURDAY POST! Performance season is just around the corner, and we're going to be talking about casting. There's always that one person who ends up being butt-hurt about how the casting results came out. *sigh* It is what it is. Let's get right to it, shall we?

small reminder: a good corp de ballet can be more beautiful than any solo. just look at the paris opera ballet. GOALS!! (via aurelie-dupont on tumblr)

Casting results are definitely not something that'll make everyone happy. Let's be honest, everyone wants to be the lead or get a solo or something, and not everyone can get it. Finding out you got a role you weren't too happy about is the worst. Some negativity will surely be floating around in your head but BANISH THEM. Dancing should be about... dancing! Performing and rehearsals are so fun (most of the time...), so don't let a casting mishap ruin the show.

Here's a list of reasons why you SHOULDN'T complain about the casting:

  • chances are, the director's already made up his or her mind about it. complaining will do nothing but show that you're a nuisance. also, 9/10 of the time the casting decisions are FINAL. unless there's an injury or something.
  • it's rude to the person (or people) who did end up getting the role. imagine if you were in their position. you're finally getting a chance to dance the role of your dreams... and there's someone glaring daggers at you saying you "didn't deserve it." lady, SHUT YOUR TRAP.
  • not only are you bothering the director and the person who ended up getting the role, you're bringing down everyone else. sure it's alright to whine about it once or twice – we all do, silently or not – but making a huge deal about it is disrespectful to everyone. 
  • negativity is never the key.
  • overall, suck it up and eat some ice cream to make yourself feel better. there's always next time.

If you really really want that part, spend the next year working your butt off! Getting a solo is something to be earned, not something given simply because you asked. Show the director(s) you deserve it! And you may be surprised the next show comes around.

How are you feeling about this performance season? Let us know in the comments!


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